Cook County Treasurer’s Office

We recommend this site for all to review. Click here  In Cook County, the County Treasurer oversees the second-largest property tax collection and distribution system in the United Stat

Stress and the Real Estate Transaction: Causes and Suggestions for Relief

We always hear from clients that this real estate closing will be simple. When I hear that, I cringe because even under the best of circumstances I know that clients will experience a b

Short Sale and REO Issues for Purchasers

Short sales can be the most frustrating of all residential real estate transactions. A short sale occurs when the seller does not have enough equity in the home to pay the mortgages and

Zoning Stakeholders in Chicago

I recently returned to private law practice after spending two and a half years working for a Chicago alderman as her Director of Zoning and Urban Development.  This position exposed me
residential check list

Residential Closing Checklist for Sellers by Greg Braun

Residential real estate closings can be frustrating when your take your eye off all the steps required.  Closings are increasingly complex these days because of more stringent lending r

Being a landlord just got a little easier with Rentalutions!

We highly recommend checking this site out. Who is Rentalutions? One stop shop web based company that helps landlords comply with the Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance, Draft Leases, Ap
residential check list

Residential Closing Check List For Buyers by Greg Braun

Residential real estate closings can be frustrating. Challenges can arise at any of the many steps required for a successful closing, making residential real estate closings anything bu